Monday, September 1, 2014

My life is prompting me to remember lyrics from musicals...

(First I should say I didn't ever really like the movie Annie.  It was the movie Olivia and I loved to hate when we were growing up.)

If you've ever moved, I'm not revealing any big secret:  moving is a pain.

Also, I miss our old house.  I miss my friends.  I miss our family in Washington.  I miss my book club and writing group.  I don't like the way the library system works here as much as our old one.  My kids miss their old school and their friends.  We have hard water and our water softener is a mystery to me.  I still haven't found those curtains.  I have to go to the DMV to get a new license.  Going to the DMV is soul deadening.


Here are who have visited us in our new home so far.

2 brothers and their families
1 sister and most of her family
my parents
my grandma
the Jorgensens*
Mindy and Jessica*

Not bad for only being here two weeks.  This month my other sister and my other brother are coming too. 

Today's icing on the cake:  Clarissa* is coming to hang out with us for awhile.

The visitors are one thing, and then there's this:

*it is wonderful being so close to BYU!  Location, location, location.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Books I read in August 2014

So, did you hear? I moved in August.  I didn't...get much reading done.  To add further insult to my book injury, I have yet to get a library card in my new town.  Maybe tomorrow...

I only read ONE book in August, but it was a good one.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell****

This was a romantic comedy and everything you would ever want in a romantic comedy.  The end.

(I'm not that interested in writing a book review today.)

In other news, Mark and I took a hike yesterday morning on the trail next to our house.  I've been wanting to since we got here but I haven't had the energy because of all the not reading/unpacking I've been doing.

It was gorgeous; I am in love.

First, we had to walk up through some sagebrush to get to the trail. I love me some sagebrush. Mark said, "This is the best of both worlds, sagebrush and civilization."

(For the record, I think sagebrush without civilization is pretty great too.)

Utah Lake in the distance

The temperature was even lovely.  A perfect cool morning with the promise of warm sun later.

We saw the most enormous quail I've ever seen.  It was in a tree.  I wish I could have seen how it got up there.  It was so fat, I don't know how it could fly.

Here's a close-up.

In case your life isn't complete without really fat quail pictures in it...

Mark and I talked about a quail's hairdo techniques as we walked back home to start school.  I snapped another picture when I saw our house in view.

Maybe I'm the luckiest girl in the world to live in such a beautiful place?  It made me happy for the rest of the day.

At least until the kids got home from school and Braeden was lonely and homesick and that hurts my heart... Also, it makes me feel less like the luckiest girl in the world and more like the sorriest mother.

Mark and I are heading out for another walk in a little while.  This time we'll meet Melanee, her mom who is visiting, and the cutest preschoolers in the county.

I think it will get our day off to a good start.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Adam's nemesis

When Adam was a student at BYU, he was called into the honor code office because he had been arrested for drunk driving.

Adam had them check the social security number.

Ohhhhh.  It was a different Adam Davis.

Nevermind.  You're excused.

After we were married and living in Provo, we got a phone call in the middle of the night.

"Are you Adam Davis?" the voice demanded.


"Are you dating my mom?!?"


"Do you live in Pleasant Grove?"


They hung up.

When we bought our house in Pleasant Grove, our realtor called us at one point because there were several tax liens outstanding for Adam Davis in Pleasant Grove.

Again, check the social security number.

I hope I meet this other Adam Davis someday. He seems to lead a colorful life.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School days

I've decided that since we can more or less function in our house, I need to pace myself with getting things settled house-wise and get a routine established. (I am seriously like a toddler...I need a routine to be happy.)

We started school Monday, Mark and me. Mark and I used to share a table in our old school room. (It was Jill's table and now it's been promoted to our kitchen table...when we use it I think fondly of Jill.)  Mark never liked sharing a table with me. I'm messy. I stack and spread out and clutter. He would slide his arm across his half of the table every morning, pushing my detritus to my side.

I told him in our new school room, he'd get his own desk. And I'd have my own desk. He was thrilled. I'm sure his desk will always be as neat as a pin and mine will not.

Our school room is a small little bedroom that I think will be lovely once it's all set up. I have put all my craft type stuff in there too. So far, the room is sort of a disaster area. I set it up just enough that we can have school. I figured I could work more on it while Mark did school assignments. One problem is my desk. The legs are in the room and the desktop is in the room. The hardware is...somewhere. Somewhere lovely, I'm sure, but it's not doing us much good desk-wise.

For this reason, Monday morning there were a few things piled on Mark's desk.

He stood in front of the desk, surveying it. He started muttering:

"You'll have your own desk, they said."

"Your mom won't put her stuff on it, they said."

I quickly moved the stuff. "There," I said, "I won't put things on your desk."

He sat down, satisfied.

He's such a turkey. I am glad to be back to school; I missed the dailiness of school with him.  He's a turkey, but he's my turkey and the time we spend together is a priceless treasure. I know how fast time moves and I'll never regret this precious time with my sarcastic and passive aggressive red head.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bitter but mostly sweet

Yesterday the Jorgensens came to visit us.  Emma was slightly manic waiting for them.  She told Mark that he had to wait in the backyard.  He was holding vigil in the front yard and every time Emma saw him move, she thought it was the Jorgensens arriving. 

I told Emma to calm down.

Much to Emma's relief, they arrived and we were all overjoyed.  It was SO good to see them.  They are our familiars; definitely more family than family friends.  We visited and Braeden and Leif disappeared to go talk about boy things and Emma and Freja disappeared to go talk about girl things and Mark and the little girls hit the backyard.  Soon Emma and Freja were sitting at the piano, singing beautiful harmony and making me happy and sad at the same time.

Because what kind of barbaric parents separate their daughter from Freja?

I only took one picture.  In the evening we drove to the Mt. Timpanogos temple.  Here is a handsome group sitting on a bench:

Braeden, Leif, Mark and Britta
They stayed the night with us and I got up and made a big breakfast before our kids left for school.  Unlike my mother and sisters, that is not typical behavior for me.  We had honored guests though...

Seeing the looks on Braeden and Emma's faces when they hugged everyone good-bye was hard.   It's hard to have sad kids. 

When the Jorgensens left, there were more hugs and tears.  It was hard to say good-bye to them when we left Washington, but this was worse because back then, we knew we'd be seeing them in a few weeks.

I'll say it again, moving is not for sissies.

There's a melancholy pall over our house.  It's nice to have such wonderful friends though.  Even though it makes us sad to be separated, I'm grateful for the Jorgensens.

Also, we're watching Cormac and Azure in a little while and my parents and grandma are coming later today.  We'll rally for those happy events!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Curtains and college

It's been a little over a week in our new house.  We have considerably fewer boxes around.  Things are sort of shaping up.  There are places where I need to go back and organize but at least we can find most things.

Except my curtains.

Have you seen them?

There were some curtains on one window that had a certain "no" about them.  Brown, satiny, beaded, layered, scary.  I had some other curtains I was going to replace the brown confection with.  I just couldn't get to the window because there were stacks of boxes in front.  Saturday we cleared enough boxes away (they were the boxes full of books, so HEAVY) that I could get to the curtains.  I pulled them down and stuffed them in a bag and can't find the other curtains.

No one else has seen them.

I have looked everywhere.  Several times.

I think I'm going crazy.

All day yesterday I would start thinking about the curtains and head out on an expedition through the house to look again.  Losing things is exasperating.

In the evening we had visitors to distract me from my manic curtain search.  It was a welcome diversion.  Marianne, Clarissa, Hyrum, Morgan and Carolina stopped by.  They had just checked Clarissa into her dorm room at BYU (little Clarissa!  suddenly old enough for that!).  Mark and the other boys immediately went to the basement for a Nerf battle.  Mark has been dying for a Nerf battle.  I heard bumps and bangs coming from the basement.

And was grateful for a basement. 

And cousins.

Talking to Clarissa, I felt the bittersweet feelings of an ending and a beginning.  I could empathize with her sisters sending her off.  It was hard to have Marianne leave for college.  I am also excited for Clarissa.  Adam and I were talking recently, when we were driving by the Y on the mountain in Provo, about how much we'd loved BYU.  The difference between high school and college was like the difference between a dentist visit and a trip to Disneyland.  I'm happy for Clarissa.  I'm also happy for me that I live close by.  I told her to call me if she's lonely/homesick/needs anything/wants to go shopping.

Today's a big day around here.  Mark and I are starting school and the Jorgensens are coming. 

It's a good day to be a Thelma.

(Except where are my curtains?)

Friday, August 22, 2014

The highs and lows

On Tuesday morning, you may recall our family room looked like this:

Yesterday, I tackled it.  I worked long and hard, I unpacked and moved stuff and made decisions and was excited to have it in shape by the time the kids got home from school.  They would be so surprised!

It looked like this when they got home:

Braeden came in and plunked himself down on the couch that was in a completely different spot than where it had been that morning.






I pointed it out to him and he said, "Oh, wow.  Good job, Mom."

Then he started looking at his phone.

All that work in the family room made me exhausted.  I thought this move would be easier because I don't have to stop and take care of little children during the day.

Maybe it would be easier if I had to stop and take care of little children during the day.  I'm tired.  I do force myself to take breaks to do things like prepare for school for Mark.  I'm still tired.  Maybe I'm old...

In addition to feeling tired, I was feeling anxiety of one kind and another.  I had tried to keep it from Adam because with starting a new job, I didn't think he should have to deal with me too.  (That never works, I don't know why I try.  Adam can tell I'm anxious and he can handle it.  I still continue to be delusional at times...)

Tabor called yesterday afternoon.  He was on his way to Tooele for a horse sale.  (Tooele is about an hour from my house.)  I started telling him about Things and I started crying and then his phone cut out because he lost reception on his drive.  He said later that he was glad he wasn't on the phone with his wife in that scenario.

I forgave Tabor for hanging up on me in my distress though.  He called back.

He had to get his animals attended to and called about 8:00.  He said, "Be brutally honest with me.  Is it too late to come over?"

I told him to come.  We'd have root beer floats.  (I'd bought the stuff for root beer floats to celebrate the first day of school but we were all too tired for celebrating.)  I called Ammon and invited them as well.  Their children were asleep so Melanee stayed home but Ammon said he'd come over later.

A while later, Mark told me he had a surprise for me.  He told me to close my eyes and I didn't trust him completely but I sort of squinted my eyes shut and followed him to the front door.  He flung it open and there stood Marianne and her four girls!

I said, "You heard we were having root beer floats!"

I had forgotten that they were in Utah for an orthodontist appointment.  Marianne had said they wouldn't have time to come to my house but they would come on Sunday when she takes Clarissa to BYU.

It was a lovely surprise!  I kept waiting for Enoch and Olivia to show up but they never did.

Tabor took longer than expected to come so I called him.  He said that he'd gone a different way.  He said it was a way that would have been faster if he'd been on horseback.   Also, Tabor needed directions to my house.  I don't really know how to do it yet.  I use my phone to guide me but I was using my phone to talk to Tabor.  Tabor said, "Is there a grown-up I can talk to?"  I got Adam's phone and did a terrible job directing him (it didn't help that he was making me laugh so much that I'd get distracted) but he finally made it here.

Happiness is sitting around my family room with  I've never had that many siblings in my house at one time.

Adam snapped a picture because he said I looked so happy.

clockwise from top:  Clarissa, Liberty (who has pants on, they are light colored), Deseret, Emma (who doesn't have pants on--she was in her pjs when they all came), Tabor (eating his dinner), Ammon, Mark, Marianne, Braeden and me.  Carolina is the adorable centerpiece.

I looked sort of bedraggled but I'm glad I looked happy too.

Because I was.


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