About me:

About 1970ish I was born in Elko, Nevada, which is about the middle of nowhere.

About 1980ish I went to first grade and decided I wanted to be a school teacher.

About 1990ish I went to BYU to learn about how to become a teacher.

About 1995 I married Adam…about the smartest thing I ever did.

About 1995 I taught 3rd grade to about 14 children in a small private school. I loved it.

About the last day of school I learned I was going to have a baby in about 9 months.

About the beginning of 1997, Braeden was born. Huge head, brown eyes, instant love. And panic. I didn’t know about how to be a mother.

About late summer of that year we moved about as far away from Utah as we could and still be in the United States…Connecticut.

About a year and a half later, Emma was born. She was about the prettiest little girl I’d ever seen.

About two years later we moved to California where we were about as far away from San Francisco as you can be and still be on the BART line.

Adam worked in San Francisco until about 6 months later when his company closed the office.

We were about out of ideas when Adam’s parents offered to host us until we had another job.

We about didn’t want to leave their house because they were wonderful to us. We played dominoes and watched baseball games and our children learned about the wonders of a grandma and grandpa nearby.

About 9 months later, Adam found another job and we moved into a little house that was about 100 years old.

We learned about patience and adaptability and we moved a few more times and Adam worked at a few more jobs.

About that time Mark joined our family. He was about the best Christmas present we ever received.

Finally we bought our current house, and Adam started working at his current job. We were happy about how settled we felt.

It’s about 7 minutes from Costco so what’s not to love?

About 2007 I started blogging because I love to write and I excel at talking about nothing.

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Marianne said...

You are about the best writer I know. So clever. Tell Adam I said so.


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