Friday, May 22, 2015

Newport, RI

Back to the travelogue...

We went to Newport to walk along the cliff walk and to take a peek at the mansions.

It was quite a place.

More than your everyday kind of grandeur and opulence.

Also, staring at the crashing waves was sort of mesmerizing.

Emma decided maybe she'd want to go to college there.  She's a fickle one.

We found just the kind of seafood restaurant Braeden had been wanting for lunch.

Clam chowda.  New England style.  Yes, please.

For dinner, we did pizza again.

It was a beautiful day and we got our eyes filled with the beauty of nature and the beauty money can buy (which apparently is quite a lot).

I'm wealthy enough with these three though, and their spectacular father.

I just want to make enough money to never have to think twice about adding guacamole.
Kevin Farzad

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