Thursday, December 29, 2011

1:30 in the Afternoon on Christmas Day

Braeden was reading his new book:

There were still a few unwrapped presents destined for our Christmas evening at Grandma Geri's house.

Mark was laboring over his Lego Millennium Falcon set:

Emma was singing karaoke with her new machine:

I tried to get her to let me sing too:


She wouldn't give up the microphone.

Live it up Emma.  As soon as you go back to school I am not going to teach Mark school anymore.

I am going to sing karaoke.  All day.

And you can't stop me.


Olivia Cobian said...

Happy Times!

Marianne said...

Clarissa wants Emma's shirt. It's a good thing you live so far away or she might steal it. Where did you get it?

TABOR said...

Karaoke. Great idea. Take out Sinatra and put in some drunk off key guy.-Ted Danson


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