Monday, December 19, 2011

Kids These Days--I fixed the link

Adam kindly pointed out my link went no where...what can I say, I'm on vacation.

Hopefully it works now and it will all make more sense.

The other day I read this.  It made me laugh.

Then Friday, Braeden skipped school (it was my's hard to get over being a home schooler.  I want my kids home with me.  When they aren't doing much at school, I seize the chance to gather my little chicks under my wings.).  Visions of sleeping in danced in my head.  I remember my first thought on the first day of seminary,  "How many days until Christmas vacation?"

Here's the thing though.

Braeden wanted to go to seminary.  So he did.

What is wrong with these kids?  Don't they know their mothers are tired?

This is unrelated, but I think Santa whispered a gift idea into my brothers' ears,  "Go visit Thelma."

Tabor last week and Enoch and family are stopping by this week.  I am waiting to hear from Ammon.

Ammon?  Ammon?  Are you reading this? Come and visit and don't worry, I won't have a list of home improvement projects for you.

(Yes I will.)

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