Friday, December 16, 2011

Theatrics and Sweetness

On Mark's birthday he and Olivia devised to create a play for the assembled audience.  Mark wanted to use my laptop to "type the script."  Since Mark approaches writing of any kind with kicking and screaming (and gnashing of teeth), I was all for it.

Olivia wanted to be a dancer and Mark of course wanted a fight scene.

Here is Mark's script:

Act 1 (girls in a field)  La la la huh? (Viking appears)  Ah ah! (Viking leaves)

(girls come back)  What was that? (girls leave) 

5 days later...It's the Viking!  Run! 

Act 2 (Viking chases the girls) Ah ah (wizard Mark comes)  Get away! I will defeat you! 

Act 3 (Mark and Viking fight.  Lights go out)

Mark beats Viking

At the last minute, he recruited Tabor to be in the play as well.

this is before the Viking attacked:  Olivia was showing us her dancing skills

Ruby being kept from Viking harm by Emma

Tabor stoically being attacked by the Viking...I love Olivia hiding behind her daddy

Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of Mark's heroism, just him careening in the background.

taking a bow

All I can say is next stop, Broadway.

Pardon me while I add a few more pictures of my adorable nieces.  All the time growing up with brothers and sisters, you never realize they'll someday have the sweetest little babies that will delight you and make living with your brothers and sisters worth it.  (Although I can't say Tabor ever gave me a day's trouble.)

Ruby's post nap snack.  She ate her cheese stick like it was corn on the cob.

Olivia and Mark...Mark told me to get the camera and "take a picture of the cousins"

delightful babies...although that scratch under Olivia's eye is from Ruby

Ruby loves her mama...I love Katie too

No wonder I cried when they left.

And perhaps I cried most because of Tabor, leaving.  I love my brother.  He is a great talker but also a good listener.  We laughed and teased each other.  We talked about silly and unimportant things but we also cried a little and talked about things that mean more to us than anything else.  He forgave me when I accidentally smacked his broken leg while I was running to answer the phone before it woke him from his nap.

I am trying to forgive him for the gory details he provided about his horrific accident and broken leg.  (Seriously Tabor, I can never unknow that.)  Tabor often says he hired on to be tough.

But I didn't.

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