Thursday, December 1, 2011


When Mark was a toddler and had looping red curls (sigh...gone, but not forgotten), people used to ask me two dumb questions.

First dumb question:

Where did he get that curly hair?

Which is, of course, a mystery.

We are involved in genetic research to figure out how on earth he could have ended up with curly hair.

Second dumb question:

Do you curl his hair?

Obviously.  You know how toddlers are.  They don't mind sitting still to have their hair curled.  And I have lots of extra time on my hands for things like curling my toddler's hair.

(Pardon me while I regain my composure after seeing these pictures of my baby.)

Mark's hair has been short lately but it's growing a bit and starting to curl in fascinating ways.  For example, Cub Scouts produced a unique and exciting look for him:

The Ducktail

His fashionable scout hat flattened it all down and the collar of his scout shirt curled up the end.

Last night I took my boys to get their hair cut.  It was time.  Well past time.  Braeden, without the voluminous mop on his head, is now 2 inches shorter. And as evidenced by the picture above, Mark's hair was doing strange, strange things.

They look handsome now and I promised Titi, the wonderful woman who cuts their hair, that I'll never cut it again.  (I keep promising that...I keep breaking my promise...I keep regretting that I broke the promise.  It's a vicious cycle.)

Yes, we DID watch Napoleon Dynamite recently...why do you ask?

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Marianne said...

I love Mark's ducktail!


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