Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Books I read in April 2014

Teresa of Calcutta by D. Jeanene Watson ***

This was a book Mark and I read for school when he was studying India.  Mother Teresa was amazing.  That's all.  It was an inspiring book and several times Mark and I would stop reading and just look at each other and say, "Wow."

babyproof by Emily Giffen**

This was a book about a woman who never wanted children.  Her husband didn't either, but then he did which rocked their marriage.  It was pretty good.  I mostly liked the characters and it reconfirmed how glad I am that I do have kids.  And Adam.

The Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher ***

We read this for school too.  LOVED it.  It's about a servant in the harem where Shahrazad told the sultan stories every night to keep herself alive because he was killing his new wives every day.  The book was compelling and even though almost every character was a girl, it kept Mark entertained.  That is saying something.

Longbourn by Jo Baker ***

I am usually skeptical of Pride and Prejudice spin offs because you are walking on sacred ground when it comes to Pride and Prejudice.  I liked this book however.  It's main characters are the servants at Longbourn.  The characters in Pride and Prejudice are there and serve as a backdrop.  There were twists in the plot that left me breathless.  There were whole parts I skimmed because they described gruesome war scenes.  No interest or courage for such things.  Good book though.

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