Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Van Gogh night

We have a new game.  We call it Van Gogh Night because it's an "ear off".  See what I did there?  I am clever I tell you!  (I have to give myself kudos for my ingenuity because no one else will.) When I named the activity my kids had this period of dawning realization that came over their faces as they understood the name.

It's the simple pleasures of life...

The game is:  you tell someone a song to play by ear.  They play it.  Then you switch places at the piano.

It's strangely addicting and it's hard to get the person playing by ear to stop.  Usually we have to resort to shoving them off the piano bench and Braeden seems to have the best success when employing this tactic because of the size ratio.

My great uncle Shirley (he had the misfortune of being named before Shirley Temple ruined that name for boys) was a whiz at playing by ear.  He'd sit at a piano and smile and chat and play amazing renditions of songs by ear.  We are not that fancy.  Our songs are rather halting.

But it's a fun game, with a delightful name.  You should do the same.

I tried to think up more rhymes, but they're all...lame.

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Olivia Cobian said...

What a talented fam you are!


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