Friday, April 18, 2014

Up next

I guess I'm out of things to say about our trip.  Next up?  The musical!  (a.k.a. The Thing that Takes Over our Entire Family.)

This week I've been on duty helping with setting up, serving and then cleaning up dinner for the cast and crew.  Luckily, there's a small army of wonderful parents that work together.  A few nights ago, a mother hurried in, dropped off a bunch of food and then literally ran out.  She called over her shoulder, "Sorry, I can't stay, I'm cooking for the Relief Society dinner tonight!"

These are the kind of parents I'm honored to rub shoulders with.  Salt of the earth, I tell you.

Tonight is opening night! Exciting stuff.  I've purposefully tried to distance myself from watching/hearing too much of the show.  I will watch it six times and it will be in my brain and infiltrate my dreams enough as it is.

The whole process is made easier by the fact that I have a driver to handle all the rehearsal transportation but it still is a big undertaking and disruption just like anything that takes over your entire family always is.

I have to say it's worth it though.  I love seeing the kids shine.  I love the camaraderie that happens between the kids and between their parents.  I like feeling like we're part of a community and we all have a similar goal:  one terrific show!

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Marianne said...

Oh, I wish we could see it! I'm glad it went well.


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