Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Marks

one Mark teaching another Mark...marksmanship

When we were in Nevada, Mark was either outside on the swings or following my dad around.  My mom would say, "Mark..." and they'd both answer.

My dad would say, "Hey, Mark..."

Mark would answer, "Yes, Mark?"

The two Marks, in addition to shooting a real gun, made a gun out of wood and Mark toted it around all week.  At one point, I was making hodgepodge soup which is becoming increasingly clear as a favorite in our family; I think it's genetic.  I told one of my little nieces that was what we were having and her face lit up.  We were raised on the stuff and everyone loves it.  Anyway.  My mom sent me to where the cans were stored for the pork and beans and Minestrone soup (which are an integral part of hodgepodge soup).  My dad has created sort of a Ferris wheel that stores the cans inside the sun room wall.  (I should have taken a picture because that is an abysmal description.)  It was ingenious and I knew Mark would appreciate it.

He was in my dad's shop but I called him in.  He had been using a sander on his gun.  He had on a mask over his mouth and nose and was covered from head to toe in sawdust.  Also he was supremely happy.  Using power tools in Grandpa's shop is pretty much as good as it gets.

The wooden gun Mark made with his grandpa and the sword he made earlier out of a piece of wood he scavenged.  He's a big believer in the 2nd Amendment.

I showed him my dad's storage system and Mark stuck his head up inside it as much as he could to figure it out.  He reverently said, "Grandpa is a genius.  There's Einstein, but then there's Grandpa!"

Here they are on a horseback ride:

Mark's pale skin quickly burned in the Nevada sun so he borrowed a hat from my dad.

 The two Marks.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Nice post. It was great to have you in the neighborhood.


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