Monday, April 21, 2014

It came without bunnies

It was an exhausting week and then it was an exhausting weekend.

Friday and Saturday night we went to Braeden's play.  I didn't have super high expectations because it was opening weekend and Braeden, who usually errs on the side of optimism, was hesitant to do so.

It was wonderful though!  Such a great show.  The dancing, the costumes, the singing, the laugh out loud funniness...

Did I mention the dancing?

There are two kids in the cast that blow me away with their dancing skills.  I am looking forward to watching them again next weekend (and then the weekend after that).

Friday night Mark was a doorman, Saturday he was promoted to usher and I think we created a monster.  He was really into it.  I realized later maybe he inherited that gene from my grandpa who was a sheriff's deputy in his later years. (One difference is that Mark wasn't armed and my grandpa would have shuddered at the thought of not being armed.)

Mark had a flashlight and he designated himself security and went around outside, securing the perimeter and generally keeping himself occupied which is nice because he gets dragged to drama things a lot.

Here's a picture of Braeden and Leif in their costumes for the masquerade.  I am not sure who is photobombing.  These so it could be any number of them.

The picture makes me really happy because these two have been good friends for 10 years and they both look handsome and sing well and overall charm me onstage and off.

Here's an aside: During the tech week rehearsals I was walking backstage at one point.  I saw Braeden in one of his costumes and I said, "You look handsome."  Braeden walked into the make-up room and then a kid in the crew stopped me. 

He said, "I can have some what?"

I didn't know what he meant.  He said, "You said, 'you can have some...' and I want to know what I can have."

I swear these kids see me and they think of food. 

Saturday morning I felt like a zombie.  A zombie that had been hit by a truck.  All the busyness and different stresses of the week caught up with me.  We went to a lovely Easter brunch and Easter egg hunt at Geri's.  Geri instructed me not to bring a thing.  It made me feel like a slacker but was also very nice because of the whole zombie that had been hit by a truck thing.

We got home and got geared up for another night at the theater! (It is seriously such fun.)

Sunday morning I woke up before everyone else.  It was Easter morning and there wasn't a trace of preparations to speak of beside the food I had bought for our Easter dinner.  I hadn't pulled out any of my Easter decorations, we hadn't dyed eggs, there were no baskets or chocolate bunnies or anything.  I finally took the time to watch this video:

Suddenly it was Easter.  I felt like the Whos down in Whoville.  Christmas came to them without any of the trappings.  The Grinch learned that Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.

Easter means a whole lot more.  I sat in my quiet living room with the weak morning sunlight filtering in and I thought about all that Easter does mean to me.  I considered the love of my Savior, Jesus Christ and how it makes everything else right.  I turned on some music and went about my preparations for our Easter dinner which would be later.  The song "Be Still My Soul" was on my playlist.

My soul was still.  All the everything else slipped right away.  Because of Him.


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