Friday, March 9, 2012

2012 Election

Things are heating up.

I mean, have you seen all the election signs?

Mark is running for "leader".  He needs a campaign manager to help him with spin though for the gaffes he makes in front of his constituents.  On Wednesday, before scouts, he told me, "I think I will like scouts better since you aren't my leader anymore."

(We have new leaders for the 9-year-old Bears so now I just have two very sweet and docile 8-year-old Wolves.  And guess what, Mark?  I think I will like scouts better since I am not your leader anymore.  You're pretty...energetic.)

When Adam saw Mark's campaign signs, he helpfully pointed out Mark doesn't know how to write the letter a.  Not my fault.

We're blaming his school teacher.


Megan said...

I was wondering why Mark writes his "a" sideways, lol. I'll vote for him!

Marianne said...

This is Liberty and I like Mark's a's.


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