Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ha! Ha! Ha! Laughed the Wickersham brothers!


We are somewhat immersed in the world of "Seussical", the musical happening at Braeden's school.  He is one of the Wickersham brothers, a group of troublesome monkeys.

Monday night, I embarked on the adventure of taking the three monkeys to a thrift store to costume shop.

I may never recover.

We met the costume designer at the store and between the two of us, we expended our best mom efforts to keep three teenage boys in check.  I have discovered that taking three boys that love drama to the thrift store is like taking little kids to a candy store where everything is at eye level.

There seemed to be two goals:  finding the most off beat clothes and making each other laugh.  They also made me laugh.  A lot.

The costume designer said, "The thing with these kids is, nothing scares them.  They'll put anything on."

Case in point when an otherwise perfectly normal senior boy donned a red sequined shirt and sashayed down the aisle just to make the other two smirk.  When the same boy saw a complete outfit, made of velour, he said, "I love that so much."  It ended up being his costume.

They kept wandering off and reemerging with something crazy.  I didn't know if we'd ever get out of the store.  Then, when they were dressed head to toe in hip hop inspired Wickersham attire, someone said something about the cleanliness of the thrift store finds.  One boy said, "I am sure they wash everything in the store."

"Um.  No, they don't," replied the costume lady.

His eyes got wide.  "Do you realize what I have underneath these clothes?  My bare skin!"  Then he started squirming around, "Now I itch!"

I think I love being around these kids.  They are hilarious and sweet and confident and know their own minds.

Nothing could make me happier than the group Braeden has landed in that he calls friends.

I am just not sure I want to take them to the thrift store again.

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