Monday, March 26, 2012

I am glad for many things

Things making me happy today:

Sunshine this weekend.  It didn't last.  Of course it didn't last.  I loved it though.  I weeded a little bit of a flower bed.  I swept my front porch.  I felt happy.

Recalling my birthday celebrations.  Everyone from people on facebook to my family to my dear friends to my children to the birthday boy himself made me feel loved.  (Especially Adam...he knows how to make my heart sing.)  There's nothing more anyone could want. 

My parents' new blog.  They are blogging from Nauvoo, IL.  It made me happy to read my mom's words, to see their pictures (I still can't get used to my dad without his mustache).  One picture was my particular favorite:

If you can't steal a picture from your parents, who can you steal a picture from?
My mom took the photo to show us the interior of their new house.  The first thing I noticed about the picture is my dad's scriptures on the floor next to his chair.  At home in Nevada, my dad has a recliner (slightly bigger than that one).  He sits there when he talks on the phone too.  Also, his scriptures were always there next to him.  Every morning in all my memory, if I was up early enough, I saw my dad sit in his chair and read from the scriptures before he started his day.  I may not always appreciate the pale, prone-to-sunburn-and-freckle-skin I inherited from my parents.  I may not love the un-athletic genes I was bequeathed.  I may wish I had inherited more of the height no one shared with me but was given to all of my siblings instead.  But my biggest hope is that I will inherit the legacy of goodness my parents have provided.

They're good ones, those two.

They are my lighthouses, my guideposts, my examples.  Whatever you want to call it, I love them.  I aspire to be more like them.


Anonymous said...

Lovely post and very appropriate tribute to our dear parents.

Marianne said...

Lovely post.


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