Thursday, March 22, 2012

Four eyes

Something I wonder about my blog.

1. Should I continue to write whatever sort of drivel pops into my head?

2.  Should I only post something that is Worthy and Well Written?  (so, you know, blog less frequently...)

I am reading The Walk by Richard Paul Evans for book club.  In it I read this (and I'm paraphrasing):  if you wait to write just the important things then you'll probably never write anything, because important things look like everything else except when you look back on them.

Someday, I may look back on the day Emma drew eyes on her eyelids and be glad I documented it.

Or maybe I'll just wonder, like I did at the time, why they don't give her more homework.

I love this girl.  She's a little bit nuts, but I love her.

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