Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Innocence lost

Last week Mark answered the phone.  I was upstairs with Braeden but I heard Mark hang up the phone and run to the front door.  I heard him lock the door, then click the bolt into place too.

"Mom!" he yelled up the stairs at me, "That was the FBI and they said to lock the door because there is a house broken into every 15 minutes!"

Braeden smiled at me.  He said, "I'll give him about two weeks to get over that."  (Oh the cheekiness of a teenage brother.)

I asked Mark about the phone call.  He repeated the message.  I said, "It was probably someone trying to sell something."

He insisted it was not.  He said, "They said they would give you a free home security system."


I explained how it would probably cost money to get it installed and then you'd have to keep paying for it, for the service.

Like a fish tale, the phone call grew in his little mind.  Soon they had offered free installation and you'd never have to pay for it ever.  He was emphatic that it had been the FBI and he was diligent for the rest of the day about keeping the doors locked.

Adam reiterated what I'd told Mark about the sales ploy.  Braeden and Emma told Mark it was nothing to worry about.  Mark still looked worried.

Late that night, he came downstairs, wrapped in a blanket and looking forlorn.  He said, "I heard a noise in my room and Braeden is asleep?"  (Oh the insensitivity of a teenage brother.)  I showed him all the doors were locked.  I explained that anyone going in his room would have to get past me.  I told him about our safe neighborhood and our neighbors' dogs that would protect us.  (I was grasping at straws; it was late.)

He went to sleep finally but had the dark circles under his eyes of a kid who hadn't slept well the next morning.

I googled "telemarketer FBI house break in" and came up with 1,120,000 search results.  I showed Mark.  I showed him how lots of people had gotten these same phone calls and they were trying to sell something.  I said, "Lots of times people don't tell the truth and they try to scare you when they want you to buy something."

Mark looked thoroughly shocked.

"But why would they do that?"

I know it's important to be savvy enough to be wary of such schemes, but still.  I want to go back a few days.  Back when Mark thought you could trust people more.  Back when his world was a little safer.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Sweet little Mark. I hate to think of him so worried.


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