Friday, May 4, 2012

May I suggest

For years I had a variety of canisters to house my various baking supplies.  My baking cupboard was very crowded and putting everything back was a little like playing Tetris.  I wonder how much time I spent trying to solve the puzzle of fitting it in.  I am good at making do.  Sometimes to a fault.

A while ago, I found some OXO canisters that were tall and skinny and they've made my life better.

They've made the cupboard positively roomy.

I love the way the lids snap off and on too.  I've never had so much fun.  (OK, maybe I have.)

The canisters, prized by me for their svelte and lofty shape (they're built like my siblings) were just the tiniest bit too tall for my shelves.  They'd work if I sort of shoved them and wrestled with them a little and like I said, I am good at making things work.

Adam is a problem solver though.  After I went to bed (when he seems to do his best work) he placed pennies above the pegs holding the shelves.

That man is a genius.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I wish my cupboard looked like that!


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