Monday, March 31, 2014

Books I read in March 2014

I found myself without any books to read (gasp!).  I usually put books on hold because our tiny library branch doesn't have much.  None of my holds were in and I was left to browse the meager shelves.  I found some books by Karen White.  I read a book by her before and liked it so I picked up several.  Three were part of a series--luckily the first three.  I liked them.  I took one of them with me to parent teacher conference because waiting in those lines without a book would be the worst.

Braeden's English teacher asked me curiously what I was reading.  I felt slightly embarrassed to be reading such lightweight chick lit.  Next year maybe I'll get one of Adam's old textbooks and put whatever silly book I'm reading inside so I look like I'm reading something intelligent...

It was a month of frivolous reading.


The House on Tradd Street, The Girl on Legare Street, The Strangers on Montagu Street by Karen White ***

I liked all three of these books.  I got a little annoyed with the denseness of the main character sometimes but overall they were compelling and interesting and well done.  They're ghost stories (and mysteries and romances).  I usually don't like that sort of thing but I liked these.

Falling Home by Karen White ***

Another by Karen White.  (Seriously, our library is small.)  The characters and basic plot were very similar to the other series (no ghosts though) but different enough that I still liked this book.  It's about a woman who after a 15 year absence and falling out with her sister, goes back home.  There was of course romance involved.  Wouldn't be shallow chick lit without it...

Wedding Night
by Sophie Kinsella ***

What would a month of junk food reading be without a Sophie Kinsella in the mix?  Her books are funny and entertaining and silly.  This is about two sisters and how one tries to foil the wedding night of her sister--out of love.  Hard to explain without giving too much away but it kept me amused while Mark swam.  Not G rated, I skimmed parts...

P.S.  Last week a story I started was featured on our writing website.  I wrote the beginning and end but all the razzmatazz in the middle was provided by my friends.

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