Friday, May 16, 2014

Choir girls and boys

Braeden didn't exactly want to be in choir in the first place but Emma convinced him because then they'd have a class together.  (They spent a lot of time in the same classroom when they were homeschooled and they miss each other.)

Emma loves choir and Braeden doesn't.

They spend the bulk of their time in sectionals.  Emma is an alto and she loves her alto section leaders. They brought treats for all the altos' birthdays and Emma made brownies for them when it was either of their birthdays.  She's told me many times how "amazing" they are and she loves them.

Braeden doesn't like his sectionals.  The boys are pretty much rude and crude when they're on their own.  It kind of tortures Braeden.

(When one of the boys from choir was on a team playing lacrosse opposite Braeden's cousin Kain, Braeden took quiet delight every time his classmate, who was goalie, was scored on.  He said, "I'm not going to mention that I saw this in class tomorrow but that guy is such a jerk."  The classmate threw a small fit every time Kain's team scored.  He'd scream at his teammates and smack his lacrosse stick against the goal post and act generally...classy.)

Last night was the end of year concert.  They sounded pretty good.  I don't think I've ever heard the choir sound so good.  At one point they announced they had sectional gifts.  The soprano girls went off stage and came back with two bouquets of red roses and two baskets full of chocolate. They presented each of the soprano section leaders with roses and chocolate.  They all hugged.

The alto girls had gone early and made gifts for their leaders.  They'd made these posters they had all signed and they had a t-shirt they'd customized for each section leader.  They all hugged.  (And all the altos were wiping tears because one of the section leaders, a senior, had sung a farewell song.)

Such a lovefest.

Then one of the boys, the frustrated goalie in fact, grabbed the microphone.  He said, "Uh...we would like to give our section leader...our undying love."  Their section leader was sitting at the piano because he was going to accompany their next song.  The boys walked over and all put their arms around him in a big group hug.

It's possible boys and girls are different.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Too bad Braeden hasn't enjoyed choir as much as Emma--they both have such great voices!


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