Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Northwest flavor

We spent the first half of Monday at a funeral.  It was sad but also nice like good funerals are.  There was a woman involved in the service (I'm not sure in what capacity because it was my first Catholic funeral) who had on a floor length white robe.  She had jeans on underneath and Birkenstocks.  Also she was wearing socks.  (Which according to the Pemco insurance ads is Northwest Profile #56, Sandals and Socks Guy.)

Later in the afternoon, Braeden and his friend Jadon and I were sitting around chatting in our living room.  They were talking about the lip dub which was at their school last week.  Jadon (who has strong opinions on everything, which is part of his charm) thought they weren't organized very well.  Braeden (who also has strong opinions and loves to argue, particularly with Jadon) disagreed.  Braeden contended they were all in their various clubs and organizations; Jadon conceded the point but insisted that the clubs weren't in a logical order.  For example the drama club was across the hall from the recycling club.

Wait, what?  The recycling club?

Yes.  They have one.  Both boys agreed that its creation was probably just about padding someone's scholarship applications because everyone already recycles.  "It's the Pacific Northwest!"

In the early evening our family took a walk along the Snohomish River.  It was beautiful.  We saw a couple walking a dog.  The dog was wearing a tutu.  (That part was less beautiful and more like, "Was that dog wearing a tutu?")

Braeden drove his own car to the river because he was then going to hang out with his friends.  I wonder if we'll even miss him when he flies the coop.  It will be pretty much like how it is now.  Except I won't have to do his laundry.  Or buy as much milk.

The rest of us went to Ivar's for fish tacos and to create drink sensations with the freestyle soda machine.  When we were clearing away our table, there were several slots for garbage, compost, and recycling.  Mark looked it all over with vigilance before he threw anything away.  You can't be too careful.

We still had sunshine so we headed to the beach next.

There was all kinds of gorgeous light so we started snapping pictures of each other.

Mark and his very rich inner life.

Mukilteo Beach:  very photogenic

Emma and I saw a seal frolicking in the water.  I tried to convince her it was an orca whale but she wouldn't go for it.

Emma is no fun sometimes.

Mark took off his shoes and dangled his feet off the dock.

I took his picture and then noticed that a guy next to me who had been taking pictures of the ferry snapped a few pictures of Mark too.  I told Mark later and he said, "He was taking pictures of his family and then said--oooooooohhhhh a ginger!"

Adam said our kids are weird because of me.

Here's a parting shot of Braeden, from last Friday, to show that even though he abandons us on a regular basis in favor of his friends, we still love him.

If was taken at Alfy's where we went to lunch.  It's possible our kids played hooky took a mental health day on Friday.

Adam said that's also my fault.


Jennifer said...

I love all the pictures but especially the top one. It really makes me want to come visit the great Pacific Northwest. Washington is a good place.

Olivia Cobian said...

You live in a very photogenic place.


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