Friday, May 23, 2014


Recently, Mark and Braeden were supposed to be going to sleep (when has that ever deterred them?) but they were watching Studio C on their phones.

(You're probably thinking all sorts of red flags about them having their phones in their rooms when they're supposed to be asleep and you're right but Studio C is really about the only content they can get on their phones which Adam has essentially crippled.)

Braeden was laughing about what he saw and he called Mark over.  (Braeden had been watching using ear buds.)  He unplugged the ear buds so Mark could hear too.  There was no sound.  Braeden was just kind of scratching his head at it all and Mark--who is more tech savvy--realized the sound was going to be piped into Kantele, which is our wireless speaker.  (What?  You don't name your wireless speakers?)  They quickly shut everything off and dove under the covers with their phones buried under their pillows.

Meanwhile, Adam and I were downstairs, near Kantele.  It didn't take us long to figure out what was what.  Adam went into their room where both boys were innocently "asleep."  "OK," Adam said, "hand them over."

Braeden said later that he was just going to keep pretending he was asleep and let Mark take the fall but then Mark said, "OK, here," and handed over his phone, so Braeden did too.

Adam came back downstairs with the phones. (The phones are supposed to stay downstairs at bedtime anyway.  We have some issues.)

Later, Braeden and Mark were talking about it and Braeden said, "Mark, I think we bonded over that.  Shared idiocy really brings people together."

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