Monday, July 7, 2014


this is Braeden eating pita chips and I had to take a picture of him because I wanted to show him how green his eyes looked

We left Braeden behind at Banks Lake to ride back to Everett with his uncle because Braeden had to work.  It was traumatic for various reasons.  One of them was because I didn't want to leave Braeden behind.  We're not us without him.  We need him.  I need him.  And he's growing up.


I don't want him to stay home forever and never progress.

I don't want him to leave me.

I don't want to get used to him being apart from us.

I don't want to be devastated all my life.

I'm a lot of fun to be around.

Throughout our trip, when I would talk to Braeden he was upbeat.  He was happy.  He was supportive.  He was all the wonderful things that make him Braeden.  He watered everything growing while we were gone, he mowed the lawn and checked the mail.  I was proud of his responsible, helpful and willing Braeden-ness.

On the morning of the 4th of July, he texted us this:

It's what he wore to our ward's 4th of July breakfast.  It was at a park and I'm pretty sure he was the only person wearing a tie.  I also love that the dishwasher was open.  We got home that day and I'm pretty sure there was some deathbed repentance/cleaning the house going on.

Emma texted him back this picture (from our hotel room):


Braeden answered with this (which is from awhile ago and I can't explain it):

Then Emma sent this:

As long as those two have cell phones and include me on the group texts, I'll be OK.

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