Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The don't fall in holes talk

Yesterday Braeden and a flock of his friends--a diverse group, friends from school, church and Denmark--went to the ice caves for a hike.  They were completely autonomous (besides borrowing my van--I warned them I like my van more than I like Braeden.  They all sort of laughed like they knew I was joking but looked at me carefully like, "Is she joking?").  They stopped at the store for food on the way; they stopped at the ranger's station to buy themselves a pass to park in the state park.

I'm trying to strike a balance between letting our kids soak up time and experiences with their friends before we go and getting them to help me.  Because they're big.  Especially Braeden.  That kid makes short work of all things heavy that need to be carried.

Before the boys left, I gave them individually and collectively a lecture on staying away from the ice caves so they don't die if the ice caves happen to collapse.  Jadon said, "Oh!  A don't fall in holes talk," as if that explained everything.

I said, "I don't know what that is."

He said, "It's when you give a lecture to someone that they should be smart enough to figure out anyway but you still give it."

I said, "Welcome to motherhood."

Don't fall in holes talks are my life.

The boys left, a boisterous and buoyant group.  They were happy to be together and happy to be heading out sans mothers and their lectures.  I'm glad they have each other and a day in the sunshine.  I'm glad they all came home unscathed.

I'm really going to miss those boys.

Stole some pictures off Braeden's phone: the long arm selfie...

...and some gorgeous scenery.

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