Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some of the stuff

My blogging may be hit and miss in the next little while.  A lot is going on.

A lot.

Here is some of the stuff that's been happening.

We left home and drove over the mountains.  It was gorgeous.

snapshot out front windshield

I love driving with Adam.  I love talking and laughing and listening to music.  He told me all about soccer which led us to talk about the soccer player that is a biter.  (?) followed by (!) and then a little more (?)

That led to me telling him about when I was in second grade and a boy with some disabilities bit my back while we were playing kissing tag at recess because he didn't understand.  Adam said, "Kissing tag?"

I said, "Yeah.  Kissing tag.  Didn't you ever play kissing tag?"

Apparently not.

I explained to him about how the boys chased the girls and if they caught them they kissed them.  The next year I remember playing kissing tag and some of the boys brought ropes and would rope the girls then kiss them.  This was all a little astounding to Adam and I guess looking through grown up eyes it is.  He made a comment about gender roles in my school.  Yeah. 

In the defense of Wells Elementary School, the teachers did put a stop to the rope thing...

We went to Banks Lake which is by the Grand Coulee Dam.  The Grand Coulee Dam pretty much knocked my socks off.  (Although I didn't take socks and I had to borrow Adam's when my feet got cold and they looked funny and saggy on my feet.)

It was huge and impressive and did I mention huge?  It's hard to grasp how big.  It's as tall as the Space Needle though.  Also, you could take the concrete from it and make a four foot wide sidewalk that would circle the world twice.  So yeah, it's big.

To give an idea of size, I pointed out where the people are in the picture:

Adam's family was all at the lake too.

It must be said that I am a square peg in the Davis family of round holes.  I am not a good swimmer and I don't particularly like water or boats or wave runners.  Misfit city and I'm the mayor.  They are all very kind to me about it though.

I wasn't going to get involved at all but was convinced to go on the pontoon boat.   It was more fun than I had anticipated.  After a few hours I was ready for terra firma though.  Adam shuttled me back to shore on the back of a wave runner.  Wave runners sort of terrify me but I tried to be brave. I drove to a small park and found cell phone service and spent some nice time catching up with my sisters.  After that I stationed myself all dry and warm to read my book.  Adam came by on the wave runner and convinced me to hop on and go a little ways down the lake to where the rest of the family was.

It didn't matter to him that I'd changed into my jeans and was dry and warm.  I finally relented and rolled up my jeans and went with him.  As a bonus, my get-up managed to entertain everyone immensely.

I stole this picture from Whitney...she'd put it on Facebook. 
Doesn't everyone need that one weird relative that wears jeans on a wave runner?  Notice, Adam is also carrying my chair.  Maybe it was the first time someone rode a wave runner carrying a camp chair.

Maybe not though.

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