Monday, April 10, 2017

A list

1. The jet lag is real.

2. I saw a video today about the opening of the Paris temple.  It delighted me because I've been to all the places it showed.  Last week we stopped by the Paris temple (didn't go inside because the open house hasn't even happened yet).  All of the sudden our wi-fi started working.  The same wi-fi that works in every church in the U.S. works at the Paris temple too! 

3. Braeden is coming home tonight!  I am excited to see him and disappointed he needs surgery again.  And excited to see him.  (It's going to be hard when Mark is on a mission and doesn't come home a few times....)

4. The other night we were reading the scriptures together as a family.  We were in Jacob, in the Book of Mormon, and read about the "faith and great anxiety" of the people.  Adam said that sounded like me.  That sums of my experience in motherhood.  It doesn't get easier.

5. Yesterday my parents stopped by on their way home from Tabor's house.  My mom had done an Easter craft with her other grandchildren and wanted to do it with us too.  We made a family of bunnies.  Jimifer, Denzel, B-hawk, and Sinbad.

Is Sinbad named after the guy in Arabian Nights?  Is he named after the comedian?  Or is sin bad? 

6. Adam has invented a variation on Yahtzee that we are obsessed with. 

7. I like being with these guys (I mean my family, but also the bunnies).

1 comment:

Olivia Cobian said...

I think you're the only adults that got to do the bunny craft. No fair!


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