Friday, April 21, 2017

Grateful Friday

Adam brought me flowers again last night.  He is my best cheerleader, anchor, entertainer and friend.

Also he is a wizard and fixed my computer.

Braeden is a great sidekick.  We spend our waking hours together.  We are a lot alike and it feeds both of our souls to talk stuff over. 

Emma has a terrible cold.  I'm grateful for her stoic grown up and responsible nature.  She trudges to work despite feeling rotten.  It's a very adult behavior because when you're an adult, the show must go on.  Also, she gets me.  Also, I let her stay home from school today.

I'm grateful for the zaniness Mark brings to my life.  Yesterday we were driving and talking about marriage (Braeden was more interested in the topic than Mark).  Braeden asked me what it was about Adam that I didn't even know would matter before we got married.

Mark piped up, "His great genes.  I mean, you didn't know you were going to get the amazingness that is my hair."

Braeden and I laughed (and laughed) at that.  Mark can't get his hair cut because of the play (which is thankfully next week).  His hair is crazy and big and every day we look at each other and shake our heads in wonder.

I am the one with curly hair but now I am glad to know that Adam's genes are responsible for that business.

I'm also grateful for extended family.  Braeden and I visited Adam's cousin Pam and her family.  In a weird series of coincidences, Braeden and Branson were both called to the Chesapeake Virginia mission and they are both home for medical reasons.  (Branson had to have surgery because he tore his ACL.)

The boys enjoyed visiting and Pam and I--who have a lot in common, we are the same sort of mother--also had a good chat.  The boys talked about the missionaries they knew and they caught each other up on happenings they had heard about.

It does my heart good to see them together.

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