Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter weekend

Our Easter egg shaped fruit pizza.  It was a group effort.

Adam bought me roses for Easter.  What kind of monster is he trying to create?  Am I like Lila from the movie Holiday Inn?  "This kid even expects presents on Father's Day."

Emma worked late Friday night and was gone all day Saturday for a state drama competition (she medaled!).  Braeden asked if he was gone this much when he was a senior. 


Saturday evening she let me brush and braid her hair while she told me about everything.  She said, "I don't like being touched but I like when you brush my hair.  Maybe because my hair is dead."

So this is to say, my daughter is weirder than your daughter.

She is not to be outdone by her brothers though.  At lunch in El Pollo Loco, they kept pretending to taze each other with the little thing that lights up when your order is ready.  They'd "taze" each other and then collapse dramatically on the bench next to them.

What can you do besides hope the food gets there quickly?

I overheard a conversation between them.  Mark was enthusiastically telling Braeden about what he does in his PE class and how much he enjoys it.  Mark asked, "What did you do in PE when you were in junior high?"

Braeden said, "Think about how I wished I wasn't in PE."

See?  Now that I can understand.

I couldn't find Braeden's Easter basket anywhere.  I had Braeden climb up and look on the top shelf in the dungeon, which is our dark and forbidding storage room.  He said, "All I see is a dead rat."

I freaked out a little and he said, "Do you really think I would be this calm if I saw a dead rat?"

I said no but I told him not to DO that to me.  He hugged me and apologized.  We never did find the basket.  Losing stuff makes me a little crazy.  I told him I'd have it for sure by next Easter.

Adam created an Easter egg hunt for us.  He hid mandarin oranges.

Braeden picked out what ties he wanted everyone to wear for the day.

I set the table for our Easter feast with the BYU babes.   I care more about how the table looks than the food.  Just fair warning if you ever eat dinner here.

Mark is the one that put ice in the cups.  He did it with enthusiasm.

We had a lovely feast and read the story eggs my mom made us when all these kids were little.  Then we decorated fake eggs with chalk.

Many times throughout the weekend, I'd look around and think, "I like being here."


Marianne Johnson said...

What a lovely Easter. Thanks for including those BYU Babes!

Mark Dahl said...

What story eggs? I don't remember that. What are story eggs anyway?

Your mom


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