Monday, April 24, 2017

The winds of change

Yesterday I was released as the Young Women president and I got a new calling.  I am a Temple and Family History Consultant.


On the one hand, I feel a bit of relief about the YW thing.  I mean, you know how I love not camping.  On the other hand, I will miss those girls!  They are some great girls.  The good news, I now have a short list of candidates my sons can marry.  I just need to convince my boys (and probably the girls).

Braeden handed me this during sacrament meeting:

Which was, you know, helpful.

I am sort of enthusiastic about my new job but also feel a bit of trepidation because I don't know much about family history.  The bishop gave me a xerox copied description of my calling from the Church News (apparently it's a new calling in the church).  The first line of the description said that you didn't need to be experienced in family history.  So I guess I'm qualified.

There were tears and hugs from the young women which sort of shocked me in a good way.  They like me!  I like them too.

I'll miss them.

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