Monday, April 3, 2017

Today was another glorious day although it had a harrowing ending.

We walked down the street of our little village to a chateau this morning. It was (relatively) small and just lovely. It was the kind of place where a Disney princess would live.

We rode the bus to the Chateau de Chenonceau. It was one of my favorite places we have been!

First, the day was perfect. In the history of the world there has not been more perfect weather. We walked through the castle and admired all the everything. Most of the castles were ransacked after the revolution but the locals liked the lady who lived there so they spared it. That is why there are a lot of the original furnishings still. We walked through gardens and a carriage house and a maze and it was completely wonderful. The wisteria was just starting bloom and there were tulips and all sorts of flowers starting.

We drove to La Cave dux Maines.  It is a limestone quarry that is now a troglodyte.  I think.  A cave.  The ceiling was low and my claustrophobic tendencies were rearing their head.  I just wanted to leave.  Emma kept checking on me and squeezing my hand and braiding my hair which did help.  The tour guide was telling us about how they raise snails and mushrooms in the cave and I just focused on Emma braiding my hair and not panicking.  When the tour guide talked about how sometimes the quarry would collapse back when they were getting out the limestone Emma said she could feel me react.


Why do people go in caves?

Why did I?!?

We ate dinner in the low ceiling restaurant.  I told Emma, "I just want to see the sky!"

We had an interesting dinner.  I passed on the snails.  Emma's teacher was shocked and said they were very French.  I said, "I know how much the French love snails so I will sacrifice and not eat any.  I am a giver."

We had this bread stuff they pronounced free although I am pretty sure that is not how you spell it.  You put all sorts of things in it.  They brought us butter and pate.  Then this sort of bean soup and then Brie. The girls were all game to try the pate until they asked me what it was.  Then a few of them had a little nibble and did not like it.

For dessert we had a lovely apple tart that helped take away some of the sting of the earlier nastiness.

At the earliest opportunity I happily returned to the bus.  Caves are scary beyond all reason.  That is all. 

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