Friday, April 28, 2017

Grateful Friday

Last night was opening night of the show Mark is in at his school.  Singin' in the Rain!  It was fun to watch.

I missed the first part of it because I was helping sell tickets at the door.  Patty came through the line whose son Nate is Braeden's friend from high school.  She's one of those people you know you'd be good friends with if your circles intersected more.  She asked me when Braeden is coming home (Nate is in Panama on a mission) and I said, actually....

We caught up on the news and the lady I was selling tickets with got a little impatient with me for chatting rather than helping.

After the show, Braeden had a chance to talk to Patty and it made him happy.  It also makes him happy that Nate has decided to go to BYU also.

Adam saw a man from our stake whose scout troop is combining with Adam's for camp this summer.  They made the connection that his son is Gene who is Mark's good friend.  Mark has been dragging his feet a little to go to the deacon scout camp with Adam in addition to the camp with his troop although Adam wants him to go to both.  (I think our kids started out liking to camp but then it occurs to them as they get older that they have a house, complete with bed and hot water.)  But Gene is going!  I said, "If Gene is going, Mark will go."

And Mark said of course he would.

We went home with an exuberant Mark.  We talked all about the show and our favorite parts of it.  Emma asked Mark what highlighter makeup he was wearing because she liked it.  (Mark had no idea.  Some girl had done his makeup.)

Emma pronounced he was wearing too much eyeliner.

Braeden contended it was the right amount for stage makeup.

Emma said, "Well, for stage makeup."

What other kind of makeup tips does she think her brother needs?

I digress.  This is supposed to be a post about gratitude and I'm getting to it.  Braeden said our family prayer before bedtime and in his prayer, among other things, he expressed gratitude for public schools.

It made me think.

I considered when we watched Emma's choir perform (and get straight superior scores).  I considered the play we went to at the high school to watch some of Emma's friends that was very well done.  I considered the joyful kids at Mark's school, singing and dancing (in the rain) and having the time of their lives.  I considered the teachers they love who inspire them to do more and work harder.  I considered the friends they've made, like Nate and Gene, that they met at school. 

I loved (almost) every minute of home schooling, but I love public school too and am grateful for the opportunities it provides.

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