Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gone hunting

I came home with this picture.

My kids sort of freaked out.  "Why did you buy this Mom?"

I said, "I liked it."


"Really, Mom.  Why did you buy this?"

"I wanted it," was my answer.

"Seriously Mom.  Why. Did. You. Buy. This?"

They were getting really agitated.  Their world didn't make sense.  Adam said, "Was it free at a yard sale?"  (Does Adam think I would bring home anything as long as it was free?)

"I bought it," I said.  I showed them the price tag.  The receipt.

"But why?!?"

Here's why.  I wanted the frame.  I was looking for a specific size of frame and couldn't find one.  It was the right size. 

I put the picture in it I bought at the Eisenhower Presidential Library.  (I like it a little more than the Gone Hunting picture.

It must be said that it was kind of fun, those thirty seconds that my family thought I'd lost my mind.  It's about as shocking as I get.  (I'm not a very scandalous person when it comes down to it.)


Jennifer said...

That's hilarious!

Ammon said...

Did you get your deer yet?

Marianne said...

I thought you were going to give it to your nephew Hyrum


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