Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When will I learn?

Braeden has swim team practice first.  Adam takes him then I bring the two younger kids later.  Yesterday Braeden asked me to bring his book to read during their practice.  He set it down next to me.  He thought I could be trusted.

I forgot his book.

I usually walk with my friends during swim team practice but none of them were around so Braeden (who didn't have a book to read) agreed to walk with me.  We walked and talked and I enjoy being with my boy.  He's interesting and funny and even though he doesn't agree with me over whether or not the history of our civilization started before the Greeks, he's pretty smart too.

There was one problem on the walk.  We stopped and did pushups.  Braeden said, "If someone saw us they would think we were really in good shape and really into exercising because we stopped to do pushups."  Then he said, "Well I just swam an hour."  As if to say one of us is in better shape than the other.  So then I did more pushups, just to show him.

This morning my arms were sore.

Then I made the big mistake.  I told Braeden.  He looked surprised and then tried to mask his mirth with a poor attempt at sympathy.  Then he gave in to his incredulous disbelief.  "You're sore just from those pushups?"

I could have told Braeden, "No one likes a cheeky 15 year old."  I could have said, "Respect your (feeble) elders."  But I didn't.  I just make him lift everything heavy that I don't want to carry, because he's stronger.

Who's laughing now Braeden?

(He still is.  I am going to keep doing pushups.  I'm just not going to talk about it again.)

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