Monday, July 16, 2012

An unclimactic half birthday

Braeden's half birthday came and went while he was at scout camp. 

I lifted some pictures from Eric's facebook page. (By the way, there are no bounds to the gratitude I feel for these wonderful men that took time away from their lives to spend the week with my son.  THANK YOU!)

Here's a picture of Eric which kind of says it all.  Exhausted and he got that way taking care of 14 and 15 year old boys.  A whole lot of them.  It tires me out to think of it!  He is a superstar.

Leif and Braeden

Jake, Ben, Braeden, Leif, Max and Bishop Barker--our bishop before we changed wards.  He's also Max's dad and a doctor which is reassuring.  (Ben is a new hero of Braeden's.  He exhibited super human strength hurling boulders off a bridge.  Braeden was impressed.  Also he has feet a lot bigger than Braeden's!)

Leif and Braeden

A few things I noticed about the pictures.

1) Braeden is wearing his hat in almost every picture.  (Score one for the mom!)  He did not come home with a sunburn.  (A concern when you are of pasty white Scandinavian lineage!)

2) Braeden is wearing his green t-shirt in almost every picture.  I commented on this and he acknowledged that he was too lazy to change.  I both don't understand this and feel grateful that I didn't have to smell Braeden all week.

We missed Braeden every day he was gone.  Especially Mark.  When his missing was nearing a fever pitch, I asked if he'd like to help me make a half birthday cake for Braeden's return.

Mark was all in.  We made chocolate with mint frosting because that's Braeden's favorite (and you don't have to brush your teeth  Does that work?  I'll have to ask Heather my friend/dental hygienist).

Mark decided to create a scout camp cake.  You'll never guess his building materials of choice.

He made a kayak in a river with "jagged rocks" and a buried treasure at the end.  Because why not?

He worked hard and dug deep in his Lego boxes for just the right details:

We were going to decorate a little but I was distracted (I may have been deep in discussion with my friends over who is taller) and Mark was out playing with one of the many neighborhood boys his age and Braeden came home earlier than planned.  We went to Alfy's for dinner and that was the extent of the celebration.

We're happy Braeden's home.  We're grateful for good men in the world that teach ours.  We're glad for chocolate cake and toothpaste mint frosting.


Marianne said...

Wow! Mark is so impressive.

Olivia Cobian said...

My favorite is also chocolate cake with mint frosting. Maybe it has to do with being born in January?


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