Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer and freakishly large feet

I love summer.

Maybe my favorite season is whichever season it is. I love them all except late spring.  Just give me a sleeping pill in April and I'll hibernate until July.  There's only so much gloom and rain a person can take.

But I love July.

I love the slower pace of summer, the "hey, we don't have anywhere to go tonight" nights, the sunshine.

Yesterday Braeden left for a week long High Adventure scout campout.  They will kayak and hike and go whitewater rafting and hopefully live to tell the tale.  I'm glad we all lived to tell the tale of getting him ready.  Sometimes he packs himself and that's that.  Sometimes we are a sieve that loses and/or grows out of camp equipment and there are temper tantrums (from me).  And then there are shopping trips.

And then some more shopping trips.

One such emergency shopping trip was for hiking boots.  I told Braeden his feet could not get any bigger.  I told him they were freakishly large and we wouldn't be able to find shoes if he grew any more.  (Do threats make children's feet stop growing?)

He insisted that his feet were not that big.  He thinks they're sized just right.  He said, "They're not as big as Dad's."  (Like that's any excuse.)  We were over at her house at the time and Geri told him she thought they were.  We compared.

Sorry to do this to you, but take a look at these big feet.  (Adam's on the left, Braeden on the right.)

Should I have warned this blog post contains graphic images that may be upsetting to small children?

OK.  That won't happen again.  It's just amazing to me.

As I said, Braeden and his big feet left yesterday morning.  He wore his new hat that I insisted he get.  He didn't like the hat but perhaps also thought people would laugh at the hat and his goal (besides growing freakishly large feet) is to make people laugh.  So he wore it.

Before he left, I made the kid move some furniture.  Just the big stuff.  Because it was that time again.  I wanted to summer-ize (not to be mistaken with summarize) things around here and you can't very well move accessories without moving couches, am I right? Also, it made Braeden grateful to be leaving.  He may or may not like to move furniture.

So I moved and arranged and sorted.

And it feels like summer.



Olivia Cobian said...

I hope Braeden's hat lives to tell the tale. Quite a hat, that.

Whitney Shane said...

His feet scare me. I didn't think human feet could be bigger than Sasquatch. My life is changed.
I like the hat. Reminds me of my dad's Tilley hat.


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