Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Books I read in November 2015

November was a pretty good book month.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman ***

This was a young adult book but I liked it (as old as I am).  It's about a teenage girl who is in a car accident.  She is in a coma and spends the book deciding if she wants to live or die.  That's a terrible description.  Why do I even write these reviews?  Mostly so I can remember what I read.  You can always google a book for a real review.


Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong ****

I don't have enough stars to tell you how much I liked this book.  It's sort of a self help book written by a woman who has had a lot of change in her life because she married a military man so moved around a lot.  It was full of hope and understanding and I felt like we were friends.  Everyone has life changes so I recommend it!

Room by Emma Donoghue ****

I was fully prepared to not like this book.  It was selected for book club and when I heard the premise, I was nervous.  I gathered my courage to read it because I want to be a part of my new book club.  It's written from the perspective of a five year old boy who was born to a young mother who had been kidnapped and kept in captivity for years.  I was afraid that horrific parts of a young woman being held against her will would be scary and upsetting but since it was expertly told in a little boy voice, it was much less graphic than it could have been.  It is mostly a story about a really fabulous mother who managed to raise a secure and smart little boy in terrible circumstances.  Hurray for mothers!

Invaluable by Holly J. Wood **

Another YA fiction.  It was OK.  It reminded me of this:

It was recommended to me and I thought that it may have some good info for my YW president gig.  It's about a young woman who has a series of dreams where her great grandmother visits her and gives her lessons about the YW values.  It was an alright book, I'm just not a teenager.

Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen ***

Don't you just love those authors that never disappoint?  I like everything I've ever read by Sarah Addison Allen.  This book is about a woman who reconnected with a great aunt who owned a ramshackle lake resort in rural Georgia, Lost Lake.  It was a little far fetched at times...and I don't mean the little magical touches Sarah Addison Allen always adds.  I like those.  I just didn't always believe the characters' motivations.  Still a good book.

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