Tuesday, December 22, 2015

This is one of those posts

...where if you're not related to me you may want to just skip it.

I just want to record my gratitude, mostly for my kids.

I have a really great husband.

Sunday I was teaching the Christmas lesson to the Young Women and I wanted to do a silent lesson (which is a thing, just ask Pinterest).  I had also heard about silent lessons from my kids who have had them in seminary.  (Seminary here knocks their socks off!)

Anyway, I wasn't totally sold on any of the silent Christmas lessons I could find on the world wide web so I wrote my own and put it into a really ugly and clunky power point presentation.  Then I turned it over to Adam and he created this amazing multi media presentation that was beautiful and made people cry.  His admitted his main goal was to impress Emma.  Mission accomplished.  After church she wanted to know how? How? How?

Of course I'm grateful that my husband is a whiz kid and super smart but I'm mostly grateful that he stayed up really late multiple nights to serve little old me.  I felt loved.

After church, I had two meetings in our living room, one after another.  (Because are three hours of church ever enough?)  During the second meeting, tantalizing smells started reaching us because Adam was preparing food.  The ladies I was meeting with seemed shocked.  "He's making lunch?!?"

Times like that I realize how lucky I am.  In my mind (and I think his) he's not doing anything amazing.  He's making lunch because I am in a meeting and he is not.  That is just how he rolls and I'm used to it.  I don't appreciate him enough.

Later that afternoon, we went to visit my grandma.  She had a new cable box and wondered if Adam could hook it up.  He of course installed it lickety-split.  Then he showed her how to work everything.  Then he turned her ipad into a remote control so she could use the record function easier (gotta record those BYU and Jazz games).  After a few minutes, we realized all the channels weren't working so Adam figured that out.  My grandma kept telling him over and over how grateful she was for his help.  I kind of felt like the hero because I brought the guy into the family.

When we were leaving, Adam had already gone to warm up the car and I was saying good-bye to my grandma.  She thanked me again and told me how wonderful Adam is.  I said he was happy to help and then she confided, "I think he really likes helping."

And I think that's one of the nicest compliments he could get.  There were a million things Adam could have been doing to spend his Sunday afternoon and evening (sleep for one since he lost so much helping me with my lesson), but as far as my grandma knew, he was having the time of his life, helping her.

He's a gem.

And he's mine.

How lucky am I?


Geri Davis said...

Made me smile and then go look for a tissue.

Jennifer said...

Such a sweet post. Adam is amazing. I'm anxious to hear about his ref experiences.

Megan said...

You scored big time with him!!! One of my favorite parts of visiting last Spring was hearing you two laugh together in the sitting room. In your own little world.

Olivia Cobian said...

So, where's the power point silent lesson? Surely you could have included that. If you don't know how, ask Adam! :)


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