Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Face palm

Month and months ago, I jazzed up the spine of my binder with pictures.

Isn't that cheerful?  I have a calendar I made on Snapfish and on the back cover, it had tiny pictures of each image in the calendar.  They were perfectly sized for my binder!  I got my scissors and got to work without really thinking about it.

(Because that's who I am.)

Then December hit.

The back cover of the calendar is also the December calendar.

This calendar has not been as helpful as it could be.  I keep looking at it for dates--particularly Sunday dates because most of the planning I do at my desk revolves around YW stuff.

Every time I look at this calendar, I just sigh deeply and shake my head.

How soon til January? (I don't know...my calendar is wrecked.)


Jennifer said...

So so funny. Cute binder though!

Olivia Cobian said...

I second Jennifer's comment. :)


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