Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas break so far

Emma got her wisdom teeth pulled and I learned a thing or two about Emma.

For example, I have a pretty good idea of how she would act if she ever got drunk.  (Not good.) She would be the type of person to drunk dial.  She thought she was totally fine and she so wasn't.  One advantage of sending crazy messages and videos to your friends that you don't remember:  Haley brought over sympathy ice cream for Emma.

So there's that.


We made gingerbread houses and decided to make it a contest with Adam and me on a team and Emma and Mark on a team.

Adam thought we should draw out what we wanted to do first.  What?  You just dive in and then regret your impetuousness later.

Emma wanted Mark to clear everything with her first and he wanted to attach candy with abandon.

At one point someone remarked that maybe we should realign the teams.  If we had, I think Adam and Emma would still be working.  You need the person with no hesitation if you're going to get finished.

I made a tree (that needs to be propped against the house or it will fall):

Adam made a modern art interpretation of a tree (and the jelly bean rock wall):

And then Emma did this:

Here are both houses, Emma and Mark's in front:

The gingerbread boy that the ginger boy made was relegated to the side of the house, under the eaves:

I thought he was cute.


We went to Star Wars with everyone from Adam's work and their families.  Here's Haley, Emma and Mark before the show:

As you can see we got there early...a little excited.

Emma is a little swollen from the wisdom teeth thing but she still enjoyed the movie.  I slipped her some medicine partway through and after that she was a little hazy.  At one point, people were laughing at a part of the movie and it took her a minute to realize why.

We all had a great time.  Star Wars didn't disappoint.  At the start of the movie, I scooted the girls down and had Mark come over and sit on the other side of Adam.  They needed to be together so they could whisper nerdy Star Wars stuff to each other.  I wished Braeden would have been there too.  He would have LOVED it.  Emma and Haley were talking about it being sad Braeden was missing it and I told them that all those boys on missions will get prettier wives someday because they missed Star Wars.

I'm pretty sure that's how it works.


Earlier Adam was refereeing a basketball game at Mark's school.  Mark's PE teacher, who also coaches football, talked to Adam about Mark playing football.  The coach said, "He's so big."  I may feel differently if Mark was really interested in football, but I am not willing to subject my son to head cracking activities just because he's big.

I'm too busy exploiting his size by having him shovel snow.

We all see different potential in Mark's growth spurt.

Speaking of snow.  We have some.  And then this morning I woke up to a regular blizzard.  The wind is howling and it is snowing sideways and I'm grateful to be inside.

The view out the window normally looks like this:

Here is how it looks outside right now:

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