Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas trains

Sunday we got together with Adam's cousin Pam's family.

I love their family.  I have always liked Pam.  Her twin boys are seniors this year and we were standing by the stove while she was keeping an eye on the soup and breadsticks and we were crying over our boys growing up.

Crying mothers just bond you together, you know?

Branson, one of her handsome boys walked by and smiled and just shook his head.  Mothers. 

After the tears and the soup which was delicious, we got down to the business of making trains.  They are experts at it.  Watching Pam get prepared was a thing of beauty.

in the bottom corner is another of Adam's cousins, Doug and his family
Every time we see Pam, I tell Adam over and over, "I really like her."

Because I really do.


Megan said...

I love that Doug's family was there too! The trains look awesome.

Anonymous said...

Emma looks so, so beautiful in that picture!


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