Friday, December 11, 2015

Tiny notes

Dear Olivia and Tabor,

Talking to you on the phone the other day (one right after the other) was exactly what I needed.  Sometimes I get trapped in an unproductive dialogue inside my own head and my siblings bring clarity and perspective and make me laugh.

I love you kids.


Dear Marianne,

Sorry I didn't call you back.  I was on the phone with Olivia and Tabor....


Dear Citizens of Pleasant Grove,

Let's talk about intersections.  There are three lines.  The first one is the stop line, the next two are a crosswalk.  You're going to give me a heart attack when I am driving on a cross street and you stop beyond the third line.


Dear Guy Behind Me at the Grocery Store,

Cheer up buddy.  You seemed really annoyed, standing there.  You kept sighing and muttering "you have got to be kidding me" under your breath because the lady in line in front of me was taking her sweet time.  Your only purchase was a box of spiced apple cider envelopes.  I don't think you should drink angry.  Even if it's spiced apple cider.


Dear Mark,

Thanks for being sick and staying home the other day.  Wanna do that every day?


Dear Emma,

You know when you speak to me in French and I just look at you in confusion?  Then you say, "I forget sometimes you don't speak French."  Maybe write it down: MY MOM DOESN'T SPEAK FRENCH.  You can use all caps if it helps.  (I love you, but you are nuts.)


Dear Guy At Costco,

I know my last name isn't Dahl anymore, I know I don't have facial hair and I'm not six and a half feet tall, but I know Enoch Dahl too.  He's my brother too.  When you asked Tabor if he knew Enoch and Katie said, "This happens all the time," I felt a little left out.  Maybe I need a name tag.  Enoch Dahl's Sister.  It may open some doors for me.  Then next time we meet up at Costco, we could chat.


Dear Pajamagrams,

I keep hearing your ads on the radio for "matching holiday pajamas for the whole family even the cat and dog."  Has anyone truly purchased pajamas for their cat or dog that match their own?  Never mind don't answer that.  I don't think I want to know.


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