Monday, December 7, 2015

Measuring up

The other day, Mark had shoes on and I did not and he was taller!  That made me curious.  How tall was Braeden at this age?

In the absence of one of those cute wall sized measuring sticks, we just have our kids stand next to me to gauge height.  It's all very scientific.

Here's Braeden the week of his thirteenth birthday:

Here's Mark the week of his thirteenth birthday:

So either Mark is going to be taller than Braeden or he's going to peak early and be shorter than Braeden.  Or maybe he'll be about the same size.

I'm pretty sure it will be one of those three.


Geri Davis said...

You might want a picture of Emma in there to record that you are not the shortest. I don't think Mark was even standing up straight looking at his shoulders and it's head to head.

Anonymous said...

Option 3: Thelma is shrinking.


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