Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cleaning bedrooms

Last week, in anticipation of the big festivities at our house, bedrooms were cleaned.

Emma's still working on deep cleaning and getting rid of stuff.  She came across a treasure trove of Emma-ness.

This just cracked me up.  Even though I'm not funny, I find other things funny.

I also loved this.  Poor Emma.  I should have been worried about her self esteem back then.

It said to circle ten qualities and she couldn't limit herself to only ten.  She and I both thought it was funny that she didn't circle stubborn.  I think if I'd filled it out for her, I would have just circled stubborn ten times.  (Perhaps that is the kind of comment that won me the not funny designation.)

Emma also created a scrapbook:  The Go Crazy Scrapbook!  Apparently Cinderella and Ronald McDonald captured the right Go Crazy attitude she was looking for.

Here Emma is dipping her toes in playing with words, Chick or Tweet:

It occurs to me that maybe Halloween became my least favorite holiday this year when I created that costume for Braeden.  It was a black sweat suit and I cut the bones out of contact paper.  That was a pain.  Cute kids though....

I am adding a caption to this picture to say that I love Emma's captions

"We're dressed up, there's plenty of flowers, let's take a picture.  Heck, let's take two pictures!"

"Climb high--reach goals!"

This is maybe my favorite though.  Here Emma quoted the wisest person she knew, herself.

For emphasis she capitalized every word in her quote.  Also, I love that she corrected herself from front yard to side yard.  Accuracy is king for Emma.  Always has been.

Mark texted me this:

Because naturally you 1) video yourself cleaning and 2) text it to your mom so she knows you're done.  Each of our children march to their own drummer.

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