Monday, June 20, 2016

What the world needs

Father's Day caused me to reflect on fathers in general.  My conclusion?  They're pretty great.  I'm blessed by my father.

 He is loving (and tall):

He is an example of goodness and service:

He's a good grandpa to our kids:

I'm blessed by Adam's father.  Not only did he raise an excellent man for me to marry, he played a big and important role in Braeden's, Emma's and Mark's childhoods.  His absence is all the more felt because of the way he loved them.

I was looking over some old pictures and just skimming through paints a picture of Adam and what kind of father he is.  He is the one with all the good ideas.  He's the one that lets them swim whenever and wherever our adventure takes us.  He's the one that cleans the sand off their feet after they swim.  He's the one that takes most of the pictures (which is good news because he's a better photographer than I am but bad news because he isn't in many pictures).

He is the best one at wrapping you up when you're cold.

He's the one that is responsible for three children that love water and swimming...

...and waverunners.

He's the one that provides for our needs...and a lot of our wants too.

I don't just mean he provides for us monetarily.  He provides counsel and wit and support and listening ears.

He's a good sport even if Small World isn't his favorite ride.

He shares good things he knows.

And inspires good things from our kids.

Marrying him was the smartest thing I've ever done.

I'm grateful for good men and good fathers.  They make life happy and inspire me to be better.

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