Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My brother

Did you hear the story that happened last week in rural Oregon?  Outside of Walmart, a guy stole a lady's bike.  Another guy got his horse out of his horse trailer and roped the would be thief.

The only thing I could think was that that is exactly what Tabor would have done. 

Mark stayed with Tabor while we were at Girls' Camp.  I felt a little anxiety in advance because I always do when my children are going to be away from me.  Then I would remember, it's Tabor.  I trust Tabor.  I knew that he would not take any guff from a teenage boy but that he would also be kind.

Mark was excited to go because he loves Tabor and Katie and especially his cousins.  He also knew that Tabor was going to pay him to work.  You could not make Mark happier!  When we were driving home, he reveled in telling me all about the hard work he did and how dirty he got.  Also, he had to mow the lawn three times--because Tabor insisted on it done right + Mark was a novice on the ride on lawn mower.

Mark didn't mind.  He sort of thrives under being pushed physically, especially if it's by someone he likes.  He loved how hard his PE teacher pushed him.  He enjoyed the little swim clinic he participated in that was a fund raiser put on by the high school swim team.  Mark's teacher was a big senior boy who told him that he was going to make them work hard and he would be, "the monster under their bed."  Mark thought that was the best thing ever.

I don't know.

Another thrilling part of Mark's time with Tabor was that Tabor introduced him to the Dave Ramsey show on the radio.  "It's all about money!" Mark said.  "It's about staying out of debt and he just told people what he thought about their choices."

I'm grateful for siblings.  Sometimes I feel like we're pitching in and raising our kids a little bit together and I love that.

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