Friday, June 17, 2016

The horse and his boy

No, I'm not talking about the C.S. Lewis book.  I'm talking about a different boy, the one I miss every day.

He asks me to pray for him.  Um...really?

I do, kid.  And sometimes I even pray for you without crying, but not too often.

He's having so many amazing and hard and wonderful and intense experiences and I know he is growing and improving in breathtaking ways.

And then he's still Braeden.  So very Braeden.

Rebecca Justesen sent me these pictures:

My first thought was, "Did he take his horse head?!?"  I looked in his room and didn't see it.  I found this picture (and texted it back to Rebecca).

(I can't believe how teeny Mark is in the picture.)

Then I found myself comparing horse heads.  Is it the same one? 

Is this my life now? 

Comparing pictures of my son wearing the same/different horse heads?

Did he take his horse head on his mission? 

The follow up question, of course, is why?



At least he didn't take his fur coat.  I know that because he left it in the trunk of his car. Along with the rest of his costumes.

(Because you never know when you'll need a costume apparently.)

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