Monday, June 6, 2016

Studio C

Braeden is convinced the best people in the world live in the Chesapeake Virginia mission.

I think I agree.

Before he was transferred to Virginia Beach, I emailed him that I was looking forward to finding out where I was going to fall in love with next.  When people are that good to your boy, it's hard not to adore them.  And Virginia Beach has not disappointed!

The Justesen family in particular have been incredibly kind.  They even took him on a family road trip on Memorial Day.  (They texted me pictures all day long and it completely made my day.)

Braeden emailed a little bit and he wrote:

The Justesens are pretty much my favorite people in the world.  They are getting up there with the Jorgensens.

And that, my friends, is high praise.

A few weeks ago, Rebecca Justesen, a fellow missionary mother (her son has been serving about as long as Braeden) called me and said they'd won tickets to a live taping of Studio C.  She said Elder Davis thought we'd like to go.

Yes!  We would!

She sent me the information, and just asked that we take pictures.  That, we could do.

Adam had already committed to be out of town--refereeing basketball games for a tournament--so we took Vanessa with us.  There were two sessions of live taping, one at 6:30 and one at 9:00.  Adri and her family were at the 6:30 session so we got to see her before ours began.

 Emma refused to have her picture taken with the cut outs.  It violated some personal rule of decorum apparently.

Mark is not afraid to pose for a picture:

We went at noon to get our place in line.  We were number 11, then we could come back later and not have to wait in line.  Brilliant!

We had excellent seats:

We watched eight sketches be filmed.  In between, while they were changing the sets, we watched sketches that had been filmed earlier that night.  Also between sets, the cast members would come out and entertain us and throw t shirts at the audience.  I told Mark and Vanessa that I was disappointed in them.  They both have red hair and didn't get a t-shirt thrown to them?  (When Mark was little, his hair opened a lot of doors for him.)

Finally, the red hair prevailed and Stacey threw a t-shirt right at Mark.  A guy on the other side of me stood up and snatched it out of the air right before Mark could grab it.


T-shirt disappointment aside, we had a marvelous time.  It was so fun to watch the sketches of a show we've loved for years.  It was fascinating to watch the amazingly quick set changes.  I also loved watching the facial expressions of Jared Shores who is the director and producer.  Sometimes he would be staring in concentration at the screen and talking urgently into his headset, but sometimes he would just be cracking up at the antics of the comedy sketches.

Thank you Justesens!  Thanks for thinking of us and giving us a very fun filled evening.  Mostly thank you for taking care of our boy.

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