Thursday, June 2, 2016


In a recent email, Braeden mentioned that he had taken a color test.  He reported he was yellow + red, which didn't surprise me.  I think it's hard for first born children to escape a little red.

Friday evening we were talking about it and decided we should take color tests.  Adam and I took them in college, but our kids had never done one before.  I tried to find a good online version but then Emma reminded me we have a Color Code book.  I bought it used at the library years ago and forgot about it.

It's nice to have an Emma around.

We sat around the kitchen table, laughing and advising each other when the questions stumped one of us.  Since I was reading the questions, I sometimes paused and gave a meaningful look when something applied.

For example, one question:

As a child I was...

a) stubborn, bright and/or aggressive
I said, "I'm going to stop right there and let you write that one Mark.  (Mark was the child that reigned with terror in nursery and got kicked out of the IKEA playland repeatedly.)

Some questions were hard because they were situational:
As a parent I am...

a) Demanding, quick-tempered, and/or uncompromising
b) Concerned, sensitive, and/or critical
Adam didn't know if he was more A or B.  Mark thought A, Emma thought B.  It's because he is more A with our boys and with Emma, who's never done anything wrong in the history of Adam, he is way more B.  Adam thought I was more demanding with Emma and less so with our boys. 

I am overwhelmingly blue (need to have integrity and be appreciated/ they are focused on quality and creating strong relationships).  Emma is quite white (need to be accepted and treated with kindness/ they are logical, objective, and tolerant of others).  Mark is equally red (need to look good technically, be right, and be respected/ they are strong leaders and love challenges) and yellow (need to be noticed and have fun/ they love life, social connections, and being positive and spontaneous).  As for Adam, he is primarily both red and white.

I was reading the descriptions and how they relate to each other.  Emma asked, "How do whites get along with orange because I have two orange brothers?"

While I was reading and feeling amazed by how thoroughly blue fits me and how white fits Emma, Adam was creating graphics on his laptop to represent his results. 

Because he does stuff like that.

Since yellow = fun, everyone was shocked by how little yellow I had.  Not really.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Wow. Nice graphics!


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