Monday, June 27, 2016

The Jorgensens

We laughed a lot and talked about all the everything and there may or may not have been several times that Janet's and my eyes filled with tears (happy or otherwise).  Here are some of the highlights I want to remember:

Emma and Freja sitting at the piano, singing.  I especially loved it when their dads walked up behind them and joined in.

Emma and Freja also got it in their minds to make ciabatta.  They finished about midnight.  (Or so I was told...I went to bed before that.)

Britta and Inge running in and out of the house, loving the trampoline.  Why didn't I get a picture of that?!?  I love those sweet girls.

The look of wide eyed shock on Britta's face when we told her about the time when she was a baby and Mark was about five and (with the encouragement of Emma and Freja) he proposed marriage to Britta.

Mark basking in the company of his surrogate big brothers, Leif and Hans.

Driving to Provo to see the temple.  Boys in one car, girls in the other.  (Because we, you know, still had so much to discuss.)

Mark, Leif, Hans, Eric, Janet, Inge, Freja, Emma and Britta

The last morning pausing in the front yard before they left to say a prayer together.  Eric offered the prayer and prayed for all of us and OK, maybe I cried then too.

After they drove away, Adam said, "I could have done with another day of them being here."  Me too.

They're our forever friends.   Even though ours is a friendship impervious to time and distance, it was hard to say good-bye.  I'm pretty sure we'll all live in the same cul de sac in heaven.

Dream big, I say.

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