Friday, February 10, 2017

Crazy times

Yesterday life got turned on its head again!  We learned that Braeden is going to come home for a few weeks for his convalescence.  He is unable to do missionary work right now and so whoever he's assigned to be companions with can't do missionary work either.  They thought it was practical to just send him home to recover.

They wanted to know our opinion.

What mother in her right mind wouldn't be doing cartwheels and somersaults right now?  I mean, assuming I was the athletic type....

My mind has been spinning constantly ever since we got the word.  I want to make sure to do it right.  I want to get everything ready for his recovery.  I want to prep Mark that they won't be pursuing a schedule of video games and Star Wars movies.  I want to make every favorite food I can think of.

Coincidentally, Geri is here for Emma's play so she'll get to see him!

Coincidentally, my parents were already planning to come on the 20th.

Coincidentally, he'll be here for Emma's birthday.

Coincidentally, my schedule is eerily clear the next two weeks.  All my busy YW stuff was at the beginning of the month.

Coincidentally, I bought 4 gallons of milk at Costco the other day instead of 2.  No good reason, just decided to. 

I'd have bought 6 if I knew he was coming, but still.

By the way, it's not all Braeden all the time but this week feels like it a little.  We went to Emma's play again last night.  I continue to love it more every time.  Those kids are amazing.  Here's a slightly better picture of my pretty bird at the curtain call.  She has figured out that Gibson girl hairdo.

Tonight's closing night.  That always makes me feel a little wistful.  I'll miss it.

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